Is Cochiti Lake Open for Fishing?

Cochiti Lake, located in New Mexico, is a popular spot for fishing. It is well known for its healthy population of bass, crappie, catfish, and other sport fish.

The lake is surrounded by plenty of public access points, making it easy to get to the water and cast a line. With its abundance of different species and easy access points Cochiti Lake has become a favorite spot for anglers.

The lake is open year round for fishing with no closed season. During the summer months when the weather is hot and the water temperatures are high, there is an abundance of game fish available to catch.

Anglers can typically find bass in shallow areas near vegetation or structure while searching deeper waters will yield crappie and catfish. Other species such as walleye, carp, and sunfish are also present in the lake.

Cochiti Lake also offers plenty of amenities to anglers such as fishing piers, boat launches, marinas and lodging facilities. Those who don’t own boats can rent them from local businesses or take advantage of guided tours which provide a great way to explore the lake without having to worry about navigation or safety concerns. There are also several camping sites nearby which make it easy to spend days out on the water.

The New Mexico Department of Game & Fish monitors the health of Cochiti Lake’s fish population by limiting bag limits on certain species and enforcing strict rules on size limits. These regulations ensure that anglers will be able to enjoy fishing at Cochiti Lake for years to come while helping protect fish populations from overharvesting.


Yes, Cochiti Lake is open for fishing year round with plenty of amenities available to anglers such as boat launches and marinas. The lake has an abundance of different sport fish species and its health is monitored by strict regulations enforced by the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish.

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