Is Clear Lake Washington Open for Fishing?

Is Clear Lake Washington Open for Fishing?

Clear Lake is a popular fishing destination located in Washington State. It has a variety of fish species, including trout, bass, muskie and perch.

The lake is very large, with depths up to 30 feet in some areas. It also offers excellent shoreline access for anglers.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) manages the lake to ensure its health and productivity. The WDFW sets season dates for fishing on Clear Lake and regulates the daily catch limits for each species. All anglers must follow the regulations set by the WDFW when fishing on Clear Lake.

The current season schedule allows fishing from April until October 31st. There is a two-day closure from June 15th – 16th to allow spawning of various fish species in the lake. During this time, no fishing is allowed but other recreational activities are still permitted.

Fishing on Clear Lake is open to both recreational anglers and professional guides who have obtained a guide license from the WDFW. Licensed guides can take clients out on the lake year-round, but they must adhere to all of the rules established by the WDFW when doing so.

For those looking to experience some of Clear Lake’s finest fishing opportunities, it is important to check with local tackle shops or online resources before making any plans. This will help ensure that you are aware of any seasonal closures or changes in regulations that may be in effect at that time.

In conclusion, Clear Lake in Washington State is open for fishing year-round except for two days during spawning season when no fishing is allowed by law. Anglers should check with local resources before planning their trip to make sure they have all necessary licenses and permits required by the state and abide by all regulations set by the WDFW while out on the lake.

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