Is Cheesman Lake Open for Fishing?

Cheesman Lake is a beautiful lake in the state of Colorado, located in the Rocky Mountains. It’s a popular destination for fishing, hiking, and camping.

The lake is open for fishing year-round and is stocked with trout, bass, walleye, and other species. There are also several boat ramps and docks available for those wanting to take advantage of the lake’s many fishing opportunities.

Cheesman Lake has been open to anglers since the 1930s, when it was first opened up as a recreational area by the Colorado Department of Wildlife (CDOW). Since then, it has become a popular spot for anglers from all over the state.

It’s known for its large population of trout, as well as its variety of other species. The CDOW stocks Cheesman Lake with rainbow trout year round.

In addition to being stocked with trout by the CDOW, Cheesman Lake also contains several other species of fish that make it an attractive destination for anglers. The lake is home to bass, walleye, catfish, northern pike and panfish such as sunfish and perch. For those looking to catch larger fish such as walleye or bass, trolling or jigging can be effective techniques.

Cheesman Lake is also a great spot for fly fishing. The lake has plenty of structure that can attract various types of insect hatches throughout the year which in turn attract fish to feed on them. Fly anglers can expect to catch plenty of rainbow and brown trout during most months.


In conclusion, Cheesman Lake is definitely open for fishing all year round! Anglers can find plenty of different species in this beautiful Colorado lake including trout, bass, walleye and more. Whether you’re looking to fish from shore or take a boat out onto the lake you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable experience at Cheesman Lake.

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