Is Castle Rock Lake Good for Fishing?

Castle Rock Lake, located in Wisconsin’s Central Sands region, is one of the most popular lakes in the state for fishing. With over 14,000 acres of surface area and depths up to 35 feet, Castle Rock Lake provides a variety of fish species to Target.

Walleye & Musky

The most popular fish species Targeted on Castle Rock Lake are walleye and musky. The lake is home to an abundant population of both species.

Walleye are found in deeper areas of the lake near structure such as rocks, weeds and wood. Musky can be found in shallow water near weed beds or around points and drop-offs.

Crappie & Bluegill

Crappie and bluegill are also plentiful in Castle Rock Lake. Both species can be caught year-round throughout the lake, but they are especially active during spring when they move into shallower areas to spawn. Crappie and bluegill can be caught using small jigs or live bait such as worms or minnows.

Bass & Northern Pike

Bass and northern pike are also popular fish to Target on Castle Rock Lake. Bass can be found in plentiful numbers throughout the lake during the warmer months, while northern pike can be found near weed beds or around structure such as logs or rocks. Live bait such as minnows or nightcrawlers work well for both species, but artificial lures can also be used successfully.


Overall, Castle Rock Lake is an excellent fishery for anglers of all ages and skill levels looking for a variety of different fish species to Target. The lake is home to an abundance of walleye, musky, crappie, bluegill, bass and northern pike which makes it ideal for a variety of different angling techniques including trolling, jigging and casting with artificial lures or live bait.

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