Is Caples Lake Open to Fishing?

Caples Lake is located in the alpine region of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. It is a popular destination for anglers, and offers some of the best trout fishing in the area.

The lake is stocked with rainbow, brown and brook trout annually, and is a great spot for catching trophy fish.

The lake is open to fishing year-round, but peak fishing times are usually between late May to mid-October. During this time, anglers can expect to find large numbers of rainbow trout in the shallow waters near shore.

Brown trout are more likely to be found in deeper waters near the middle of the lake. Brook trout can also be found in deeper water and around structure such as logs or rocks.

Anglers should note that regulations are in place at Caples Lake. A valid fishing license is required for all anglers over 16 years of age, and only artificial flies or lures may be used when fishing from shore or from a boat.

In addition to sport fishing, Caples Lake also offers amenities such as camping sites and boat rentals. Visitors should note that camping sites must be reserved ahead of time, and there is an additional fee for boat rentals.


Yes, Caples Lake is open to fishing year-round but with restrictions in place. Anglers should come prepared with a valid license, appropriate lures or flies, and may need to reserve camping sites ahead of time if they plan to stay overnight.

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