Is Canyon Lake AZ Good for Fishing?

Canyon Lake AZ is a great place to go fishing. Located in the Tonto National Forest, it is a scenic lake, surrounded by the beautiful Arizona desert.

The lake has been stocked with several species of fish and offers both recreational and tournament fishing opportunities.

The lake is well-stocked with largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish, crappie, sunfish and walleye. There are also trout and carp that can be found in the lake.

Fishing from the shore or from a boat is allowed throughout the year.

Fishing from a boat on the lake gives anglers an opportunity to reach areas that are not accessible from shore. There are several boat launches located around Canyon Lake, making it easy to access different parts of the lake. Boats can be rented at local marinas or you can bring your own boat.

Due to its popularity as a fishing destination, Canyon Lake has become home to some of the best trophy bass fishing in Arizona. Anglers can expect to find some large bass here, with many reaching sizes over 10 pounds.

For those looking for something different than just bass fishing, Canyon Lake also offers plenty of other opportunities for anglers. The lake is home to some record size catfish and crappie as well as carp and sunfish for those who enjoy light tackle action.


With its abundance of fish species and great trophy bass fishing opportunities, Canyon Lake AZ is an excellent destination for anglers looking for a great day out on the water. Whether you’re looking for some exciting tournament fishing or just want to enjoy some peaceful moments by the water with family or friends, Canyon Lake has something for everyone!

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