Is Caddo Lake Good for Fishing?

Caddo Lake is a great destination for anyone looking to fish. Located in East Texas between the states of Texas and Louisiana, Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in the state of Texas and is home to a wide variety of species of fish. With its beautiful cypress-lined shores, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife, Caddo Lake is an excellent spot for fishing.

The lake boasts a variety of species including catfish, crappie, bass, sunfish, and white perch. Anglers can expect good catches on most days with many different types of lures or bait.

There are also great opportunities for fly fishing in the many coves and bays that dot the lake’s shoreline. The lake is fed by the Big Cypress Bayou which provides plenty of oxygen-rich water for fish to thrive.

Caddo Lake also offers access to excellent boat ramps with plenty of parking. This makes it easy to get out onto the lake quickly and find some good spots to fish from. There are also several marinas located around the lake where anglers can rent boats or purchase supplies.

In addition to fishing, Caddo Lake has other activities such as boating, swimming, wildlife watching, and camping that make it an ideal destination for any outdoor enthusiast. The lake has numerous campgrounds scattered around its banks that offer visitors a great opportunity to stay close to the action.


Caddo Lake is a great spot for any angler looking for good fishing opportunities. With its abundance of species, easy access via boat ramps and marinas, and other activities available such as camping and swimming, there’s something here for everyone! So why not head out to Caddo Lake today and see what it has in store?

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