Is Braided Line Good for Walleye Fishing?

Braided line is becoming increasingly popular among walleye anglers. It has a number of advantages over monofilament fishing line, which is the traditional choice for walleye fishing.

Braided line is thinner and stronger than monofilament line and has less stretch, so it can transmit more of the subtle movements of a lure to the rod tip. This makes it easier to detect bites and helps with setting the hook. In addition, braided line is more abrasion-resistant than monofilament line, which makes it well-suited for fishing around rocks and other structures.


Braided line is much more durable than monofilament line. It resists tangles better and can take a lot more abuse without breaking down or losing its shape.

This makes it an ideal choice for jigging around cover or playing bigger fish in deeper water. The lack of stretch also helps when playing fish, as there’s less slack in the line for them to take advantage of.


Due to its lack of stretch, braided line offers excellent sensitivity that allows anglers to detect even the slightest bite or movement from a lure. This makes it ideal for finesse techniques like drop-shotting or jigging with light baits like micro-jigs. The thin diameter also allows anglers to use longer leaders without adding too much weight or bulk on their spinning reel spools.

Casting Distance

Braided lines have superior casting distance compared to monofilament lines due to their thin diameter and low stretch properties. This makes them well suited for covering large areas quickly when trolling or casting crankbaits and other lures at long distances. The lightweight construction also reduces fatigue on the arms during long days on the water.


In conclusion, braided lines are excellent choices for walleye fishing due to their durability, sensitivity and long casting distance capabilities. They may be slightly more expensive than traditional monofilament lines but they offer numerous benefits that make them worth considering when selecting a fishing line for your next walleye trip.

Is Braided Line Good for Walleye Fishing? Absolutely!

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