Is Braided Line Good for Sea Fishing?

Braided line is becoming increasingly popular for sea fishing, and for good reason. It is incredibly strong and offers a high level of sensitivity.

This makes it perfect for Targeting species such as snapper, kingfish and other larger game fish. Braided line is also very thin and can be used with smaller reels, allowing anglers to Target fish in tight spaces where conventional lines would be too bulky.

Braided line has the advantage of being abrasion-resistant, which is an important consideration when fishing around structures such as rocks, wrecks or coral reefs. Unlike mono filament lines, braided lines are also resistant to damage from ultraviolet light and saltwater. The lack of stretch in braided line also allows anglers to feel even the lightest bites from their prey.

The downside to using braided line is that it tends to be more expensive than other types of fishing line. The thin diameter also means that more spooling can be required when loading up a reel with braided line. Furthermore, some anglers find it more difficult to tie knots when using braided lines.


Overall, braided line is a great option for sea fishing due to its strength and sensitivity. While it may cost more than other types of fishing line and require more spooling, the advantages make it well worth the investment for those looking for an edge when Targeting larger species out at sea.

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