Is Black Braided Line Good for Fishing?

Braided line is a mainstay of the fishing industry and is incredibly versatile. For decades, anglers have been using black braided line to catch all types of fish. Whether you’re trolling in a lake or sea, or casting on a beach, black braided line can provide you with the performance and durability you need to catch more fish.

One of the main advantages of using black braided line is its strength. It has much higher strength than monofilament fishing lines, making it ideal for deep-sea fishing when you need to haul in large fish.

Black braided line also has much less stretch than monofilament lines which can be beneficial when playing big fish as it transmits more pressure directly to the angler’s hand without stretching out of shape. The lack of stretch also helps when casting long distances as it keeps the lure at the Target distance with little effort from the angler.

Black braided line also has superior abrasion resistance than other types of fishing lines which makes it ideal for use around structure such as rocks or weeds which can cause problems for other types of lines. This improved abrasion resistance is due to its construction from many small strands woven together that are stronger than one single strand would be on its own.

Durability is another advantage that black braided line offers as it will last longer than other types of fishing lines. This makes it ideal for anglers who want to make sure their gear lasts them all season without having to replace their line frequently.


In conclusion, black braided line is an excellent choice for anglers looking for a reliable and durable fishing line that can withstand harsh conditions and tackle large fish with ease. It provides superior strength, abrasion resistance and longevity compared to other types of lines making it a great option for any type of fishing situation.

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