Is Big Bear Lake Open for Fishing?

Big Bear Lake is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts and anglers alike. The lake is located in San Bernardino County, California, and is easily accessible from Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego.

Big Bear Lake offers an array of different fishing experiences ranging from trolling to fly-fishing. With a variety of species of fish in the lake, such as trout, bass, catfish and more, there are plenty of opportunities for anglers of all experience levels to enjoy a great day of fishing.

The lake has become a popular spot for tournaments over the years due to its abundance of fish. There are several organizations that hold tournaments on Big Bear Lake throughout the year.

The tournaments provide anglers with an opportunity to compete against each other while also having a chance to win prizes. In addition to tournaments, there are also several guided tours that provide anglers with an opportunity to learn techniques from experienced fishermen and catch a variety of species.

Big Bear Lake is open for fishing all year round. Anglers should be aware that there are certain regulations in place regarding size limits and the number of fish that can be caught per day. There are also regulations regarding which type of bait can be used in order to protect the fish population.

In addition to regulations for fishing on Big Bear Lake, there are also rules about who can access the lake itself. All boats must be registered with the Department of Fish and Wildlife in order to legally operate on the lake. There is no swimming or wading allowed in Big Bear Lake; however, kayaking and canoeing are both allowed.


Yes, Big Bear Lake is open for fishing all year round but it is important that anglers follow all applicable regulations when doing so. Boats must be registered with the Department of Fish and Wildlife before they can access the lake and swimming or wading is not permitted. Kayaking and canoeing are allowed on Big Bear Lake but it’s important that all participants adhere to safety guidelines while doing so.

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