Is a Longer Pole Better for Fishing?

Fishing is a centuries-old pastime that still captivates many people around the world. For serious anglers, the type of pole used can make a huge difference in the kind of catch they bring home. So when it comes to the question of whether a longer pole is better for fishing, there are some key points to consider.

The first benefit of using a longer pole is that it provides more reach. This can be especially important when fishing from shore or from a boat, as it gives you access to areas that may be further away and increase your chances of success. With increased range, you can also cast your bait or lure further out into the water, which can lead to more bites.

A longer pole also provides more leverage when fighting larger fish. This can give you an advantage in getting them out of the water and into your net or onto the boat deck. With a shorter pole, you may struggle to fight big fish and risk losing them before they ever get close enough for you to reel them in.

Finally, with a longer pole comes greater accuracy and precision when casting. Longer poles allow for more accurate casts than shorter ones because they have greater stability and less wobble during casting motions. This can help anglers place their bait or lure precisely where they want it, increasing their chances of getting bites.


In conclusion, there are several advantages to using a longer fishing pole over a shorter one. It offers increased reach and leverage when fighting larger fish as well as better accuracy and precision when casting out into the water. All these factors point towards a longer pole being better for fishing overall.

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Lindsay Collins