How Should I Store My Fishing Rod?

Fishing rods are a costly investment and proper storage is essential for making sure they stay in good condition for years to come. Keeping your rod in the right environment and properly caring for it can make a huge difference in how long it lasts. Here are some tips on how to store your fishing rod so that you can enjoy many years of successful fishing.


The first step before storing your fishing rod is to make sure it is clean. Remove any debris, dirt, or saltwater residue that may have accumulated while you were out on the water.

After cleaning, lightly oil the rod and reel to prevent rusting. Make sure all parts are completely dry before storing.

Store Properly

After cleaning, choose an appropriate storage container for your fishing rod. Avoid storing it in a plastic bag or tube as this does not provide enough air circulation which can lead to mildew and corrosion. Instead, opt for a cloth bag or hard case with plenty of ventilation.

Keep Away from Moisture

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of fishing rods so itโ€™s important to keep them away from humid areas such as bathrooms and attics. If possible, store them in a dry area such as a closet or even an air conditioned garage where temperatures wonโ€™t fluctuate too much.

Prevent Tangles

Finally, if you have more than one fishing rod make sure they are not stored together so that they donโ€™t get tangled up when you go out on the water. This will save you time when packing up and prevent any damage caused by trying to untangle lines.


Storing your fishing rod properly can help ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come. Cleaning it after each use and storing it away from moisture are key steps in making sure your investment lasts as long as possible. Additionally, if you have multiple rods be sure to keep them separated so that they don’t get tangled up when you head out on the water.

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