How Much Is Fishing at Lake Perris?

Fishing at Lake Perris is an Enjoyable and Affordable Activity

Lake Perris is a popular recreational area located in Riverside County, California. The lake is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, with a variety of species available including trout, bass, crappie, catfish, and carp.

The lake also offers great views of the surrounding valley and is home to a variety of birds. For those looking to enjoy a day out on the lake, fishing at Lake Perris can be an enjoyable and affordable activity.

The lake has several different areas where anglers can access the lake with ease. There are three boat launch ramps located around the lake that provide access to all areas of the lake.

Additionally, there are several fishing piers located around the lake that provide anglers with convenient access to deeper waters. Fishing from shore is also permitted in certain areas of the lake.

Fishing equipment can be rented from the Lake Perris State Recreation Area office which includes rods and reels as well as bait and tackle boxes. Prices for daily rentals vary depending on what type of equipment is needed but generally run between $15-$30 per day. Fishing licenses are also required for all anglers over 16 years of age and cost $16 for residents or $50 for non-residents.

Fishing at Lake Perris can produce some excellent catches throughout the year when conditions are right. Trout fishing is especially popular during spring months when stocking takes place regularly by the Department of Fish & Game.

Largemouth bass are abundant in Lake Perris year round and provide excellent angling opportunities if you know where to look! Catfish can also be found throughout the summer months in deeper waters near boat docks or structure such as fallen trees or rocks along shorelines . Crappie can be found near structure such as submerged brush piles or logs throughout most times of year when depths exceed 8-10 feet deep.

Whether you’re looking for an easy afternoon outing or a more serious angling adventure, fishing at Lake Perris has something for everyone! With affordable rental fees and easy access points around the lake it’s easy to see why this destination has become so popular among anglers in recent years!

Conclusion: Fishing at Lake Perris is an enjoyable activity that doesn’t have to break your wallet! With reasonable rental fees, easy access points around the lake, and plentiful fish species available throughout much of year it’s no surprise why this destination has become so popular with anglers recently!

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