How Much Is a Fishing License at Smith Mountain Lake?

Fishing at Smith Mountain Lake is a popular activity, and to do so, you need a valid fishing license. The cost of this license varies based on the type of license you need and how long you plan to fish.

Short-term Fishing License

A short-term fishing license is good for up to 10 consecutive days. If you are visiting the lake for a few days of fishing but don’t plan on becoming an annual fisherman, this is the ideal option for you. Depending on your residency status, the cost of a short-term fishing license ranges from $3-$6 per day.

Annual Fishing License

If you plan on making frequent trips to Smith Mountain Lake or any other body of water in Virginia throughout the year, then an annual fishing license is probably your best bet. It covers one full year from the date of purchase and costs $23 for a resident and $40 for a non-resident.

Senior Annual Fishing License

If you are 65 years or older, then you qualify for discounted rates on your annual fishing license. A senior annual Virginia fishing license costs only $9 per year and can be purchased from any local issuing agent in Virginia.


The cost of a fishing license at Smith Mountain Lake varies depending on what type of permit you need and how long you plan to fish. Short-term licenses range from $3-$6 per day while an annual permit costs $23 for residents and $40 for non-residents. Seniors 65 years or older can purchase discounted senior annual permits which cost only $9 each year.

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