How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Boat on Sanibel Island?

If you’re planning a trip to Sanibel Island, you might be wondering how much it costs to rent a boat. The good news is that there are plenty of options available, whether you’re looking for a small fishing boat or a larger vessel for cruising around the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s what you need to know about renting a boat on Sanibel Island.

Types of Boats Available

Sanibel Island offers a variety of boats for rent, including:

  • Fishing boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Deck boats
  • Sailboats
  • Jet skis

Rental Costs

The cost of renting a boat on Sanibel Island varies depending on the type of boat and the length of time you want to rent it. Generally, expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $500 per day for a rental. Keep in mind that some companies may require a security deposit, which can range from $500 to $1,000 depending on the size and value of the boat.

Fishing Boats

If you’re looking for a simple fishing boat, expect to pay around $150 to $200 per day. These boats typically come equipped with fishing gear and bait, but you’ll need to bring your own food and drinks.

Pontoon Boats and Deck Boats

For those who want more space and amenities, pontoon boats and deck boats are popular options. These types of boats can accommodate larger groups and often come with features like stereo systems and built-in coolers. Expect to pay between $250 and $500 per day for these types of rental.


If sailing is more your speed, Sanibel Island has several options for sailboat rentals. Prices vary depending on the size and type of sailboat, but expect to pay around $300 to $500 per day.

Jet Skis

For a more thrilling experience, consider renting a jet ski. Rentals typically cost around $100 to $200 per hour, or $250 to $500 for a full day.

Where to Rent a Boat on Sanibel Island

There are several companies that offer boat rentals on Sanibel Island. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Jensen’s Marina: offers pontoon boats, deck boats, and fishing boats
  • Port Sanibel Marina: offers pontoon boats, deck boats, fishing boats, and jet skis
  • Gulf Coast Kayak: offers kayak and paddleboard rentals as well as guided tours
  • Sanibel Island Marina: offers sailboats and powerboats

Tips for Renting a Boat on Sanibel Island

Before you rent a boat on Sanibel Island, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have the proper boating license or certification if required.
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out.
  • Be aware of any boating rules and regulations in the area.
  • Inspect the boat before renting to ensure it’s in good condition.
  • Ask about any additional fees or charges that may apply.

In Conclusion

Renting a boat on Sanibel Island can be a fun and exciting way to explore the area’s beautiful waterways. With plenty of rental options available at varying price points, there’s sure to be a boat that fits your needs and budget. Just be sure to do your research and follow all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

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