How Much Does a Fly Fishing Guide Make a Year?

Fly fishing guides can make a great living, but the amount of money they make depends on where they are located, how well they are established, and what type of service they offer. Generally speaking, fly fishing guides in popular areas can make anywhere from $50-100 per hour guiding trips.

Depending on their experience and reputation, they may be able to command a higher rate. For example, in popular areas like Montana’s Flathead Lake region or the Florida Keys, experienced guides are able to make up to $200 per hour.

Most fly fishing guides take clients out for half day or full day trips. The cost of these trips is typically split between the guide and the outfitters they work with.

During these trips, the guide is responsible for providing instruction, setting up gear and taking care of the boat. Guides also provide all necessary tackle and bait as well as snacks and drinks for their clients.

In addition to hourly pay for guiding trips, fly fishing guides also have other opportunities to increase their income. One way is by offering classes on specific techniques or strategies for catching fish in certain rivers or lakes.

These classes can range from a few hours to several days and can be offered at local outfitters’ locations or even at conferences or trade shows around the country. There is also an opportunity for increased income if a guide has specialized knowledge in certain types of water or fish species that allows them to charge more for their services than other guides in the area.

Speaking generally about annual incomes for fly fishing guides can be difficult because there is such a wide range of potential pay scales depending on location and experience levels. However, most experienced guides who work full-time can expect to earn anywhere from $25k – $70k per year depending on how many days they work each season and what rates they are able to command from their clients.

Conclusion: Fly fishing guides can make a good living depending on where they are located, how well established they are as a guide, and how much experience they have with different types of fish species and waters. Experienced full-time fly fishing guides can typically expect to earn between $25k – $70k annually, depending on what rates their clients are willing to pay.

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