How Many Varieties of Koi Are There?

Koi fish are known for their vibrant colors and captivating patterns. These fish are a popular choice for many hobbyists, but have you ever wondered how many varieties of koi there are? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of koi that exist in the world.

Kohaku Koi

One of the most popular types of koi is the Kohaku. This variety is characterized by its white body and red markings. The red should be deep and evenly distributed across the body, with no breaks or spots.

Taisho Sanke Koi

Another popular type is the Taisho Sanke. This koi has a white base with both red and black markings. The pattern should be balanced and evenly distributed across the body.

Showa Sanke Koi

The Showa Sanke is similar to the Taisho Sanke, but with more black markings. The base color can be white or black, with red and black markings on top.

Utsurimono Koi

The Utsurimono variety includes koi with a black base color and white, red, or yellow markings. These fish have a solid color on their body with contrasting markings.

Shusui Koi

Another type of Utsurimono is the Shusui. This koi has a blue-gray color on its back and white or metallic-colored scales on its sides.

Asagi Koi

Asagi koi have a blue-gray body with red or orange scales along their sides. The scales should be evenly spaced and have a net-like pattern.

Bekko Koi

Bekko koi have a solid color base with black, red, or yellow markings. The color should be evenly distributed across the body.

Hikari Mujimono Koi

Hikari Mujimono koi have a metallic or reflective base color with no markings. These fish include varieties such as Ogon (gold), Platinum Ogon (silver), and Yamabuki Ogon (yellow).

Kawarimono Koi

Kawarimono koi are a catch-all category for any koi that don’t fit into the other categories. This includes unique patterns, colors, and scales.

  • Important Note: When identifying koi varieties, it’s important to remember that each fish is unique and may not fit perfectly into one specific category.
  • Final Thoughts: With so many varieties of koi, there’s sure to be a type that catches your eye. Whether you prefer vibrant reds or subtle blues, there’s a koi out there for everyone.

In conclusion, there are many types of koi to choose from. From the popular Kohaku and Taisho Sanke to the unique patterns of Kawarimono, each variety has its own distinct beauty. No matter which type of koi you choose, these fish are sure to add elegance and color to any pond or aquarium.

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