How Many Trout Can You Keep Per Day in VA?

Are you an avid angler looking to catch some trout in Virginia? If so, it’s essential to know the regulations regarding how many trout you can keep per day.

Understanding these rules will not only help you stay within the legal limits but also contribute to the sustainability of the trout population. Let’s dive into the details!

Trout Fishing Regulations in Virginia

Virginia is home to numerous rivers, streams, and lakes that offer excellent trout fishing opportunities. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (VDWR) is responsible for managing and conserving fisheries in the state. They have established specific regulations to maintain healthy trout populations and ensure fair access for all anglers.

Creel Limit for Trout

The creel limit refers to the number of fish an angler is allowed to keep within a specified time frame. In Virginia, the creel limit for trout varies depending on the location and type of waterbody you are fishing in.

  • Brown Trout: In most waters, anglers can keep up to 6 brown trout per day. However, some designated waters may have different restrictions, so it’s crucial to check with VDWR or refer to their website for specific rules.
  • Rainbow Trout: Similarly, anglers can keep 6 rainbow trout per day in most waters.

    However, like brown trout, certain areas may have different regulations.

  • Brook Trout: The creel limit for brook trout varies depending on whether you are fishing in naturally reproducing or stocked waters. In naturally reproducing waters, anglers are typically allowed to keep up to 6 brook trout per day. In stocked waters, the limit is usually higher, allowing anglers to keep 10 brook trout per day.

Exceptions and Special Regulations

While the creel limits mentioned above apply to most trout fishing locations in Virginia, there are some exceptions and special regulations that anglers need to be aware of. Certain waters might have more restrictive creel limits or specific catch-and-release regulations.

If you plan to fish in a particular waterbody, it’s essential to check for any special regulations or restrictions that may apply. VDWR provides an up-to-date trout fishing guidebook that outlines all the rules and regulations for each waterbody, including creel limits, size limits, and season dates.


Knowing how many trout you can keep per day is crucial for responsible angling in Virginia. By adhering to these regulations, you not only stay within the legal limits but also play a part in conserving the state’s valuable trout resources.

Remember to always check with VDWR or refer to their website for the most current information on fishing regulations. Happy angling!

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