How Many Calories Do You Burn During Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a popular activity for many people who enjoy exploring the beauty of the underwater world. It is also a great way to get some exercise and burn calories. But just how many calories does scuba diving actually burn?

The amount of calories burned during scuba diving depends on several factors, such as the type of dive, the length of dive, and the intensity of the dive. Generally speaking, scuba divers can expect to burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories per hour depending on the activity level.

For example, a leisurely dive with no strenuous activities would likely burn around 400-500 calories per hour. On the other hand, a more intense dive that involves swimming against strong currents or traversing long distances can burn up to 800+ calories per hour.

The environment also plays an important role in how many calories you can expect to burn during your dives. Colder water temperatures require more energy output from your body in order to stay warm and comfortable for longer periods of time underwater. Therefore, if you are diving in colder waters, you should expect your calorie burn rate to be higher than if you were diving in warmer waters.

In addition to physical activity levels and environmental factors, body weight is another important factor that affects how many calories are burned during scuba diving. Generally speaking, heavier individuals will tend to burn more calories than lighter individuals due to having more mass that needs to be moved through the water during each dive.

Overall, it is safe to say that most people can expect to burn at least 400-800 calories depending on how intensely they are exercising while they are underwater and what kind of environment they are diving in. Of course, this number could vary significantly based on individual factors such as body weight and fitness level but overall it is still a great way to get some exercise while enjoying an amazing activity like scuba diving!

In conclusion, scuba diving is an excellent way for people of all levels of fitness and body weight types to enjoy an amazing activity while burning anywhere from 400-800+ calories per hour depending on their level of physical activity and environmental conditions.

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