How Long Does It Take to Sail the Transpac?

Are you considering sailing the Transpac? If so, one important question you may be asking yourself is, “How long does it take to sail the Transpac?”

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, including your starting location, your destination, and the prevailing weather conditions. Let’s dive into some of these factors and explore the typical time it takes to sail the Transpac.

What is the Transpac?

The Transpac is an iconic sailing race that takes place every two years between Los Angeles and Honolulu. It covers a distance of approximately 2,225 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean. The race was first held in 1906 and has since become one of the most prestigious sailing events in the world.

Factors that Affect Sailing Time

Several factors can affect how long it takes to sail the Transpac. These include:

Starting Location

If you’re starting from Los Angeles, you’ll have a head start on those starting from San Francisco or Seattle. As a result, your sailing time will likely be shorter than those starting from further north.


While all boats participating in the Transpac race end up in Honolulu, some may have different destinations along the way. For example, if you’re sailing from Mexico or Panama and stopping at Hawaii along the way, your overall sailing time will be longer than someone who sails directly from California to Hawaii.

Prevailing Weather Conditions

The Pacific Ocean can be unpredictable when it comes to weather conditions. Depending on when you set sail and which route you take, you may encounter strong headwinds or calm seas that affect your sailing time.

The Typical Sailing Time for Transpac

The typical sailing time for completing the Transpac race is around 10-14 days. However, this time can vary widely depending on the factors mentioned above.

The Fastest Sailing Time on Record

The fastest sailing time on record for completing the Transpac is just over 4 days. This record was set in 2017 by the racing yacht Comanche, which had an average speed of over 20 knots during the race.

The Slowest Sailing Time on Record

On the other hand, the slowest sailing time on record for completing the Transpac is just over 24 days. This record was set in 1949 by a crew that sailed a wooden ketch named “Lurline.”


So, how long does it take to sail the Transpac? The answer is that it depends on a variety of factors.

While the typical sailing time is around 10-14 days, this can vary widely depending on your starting location, destination, and prevailing weather conditions. Whether you’re racing or cruising, completing the Transpac is an accomplishment that requires skill and determination.

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