How Long Does It Take to Sail From St John to St Croix?

Sailing from St. John to St. Croix is a popular route for those who want to explore the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The distance between these two islands is approximately 40 nautical miles, and the time it takes to sail this distance can vary depending on several factors.

Factors that affect sailing time:

– Wind speed and direction
– Currents
– Boat type and size
– Experience of captain and crew

The typical sailing time from St. Croix is around 5-7 hours, depending on the conditions mentioned above. However, it’s crucial to plan ahead and check weather forecasts before embarking on this journey.

Wind Speed and Direction:

Wind speed and direction play a significant role in determining how long it takes to sail from St. Croix. If the wind is strong and in your favor, you can reach your destination faster than usual. However, if the wind is weak or against you, it will take longer to reach your destination.

  • Tips:
  • Check weather forecasts before setting sail.
  • Avoid sailing during hurricane season.
  • Adjust your sails according to wind direction.


Another factor that affects sailing time is currents. The Caribbean Sea has various ocean currents that can either help or hinder your journey.

  • Tips:
  • Plan your route based on ocean currents.
  • Avoid areas with strong currents.
  • Monitor currents using GPS or charts.

Boat Type and Size:

The type and size of boat also have an impact on sailing time. If you’re using a smaller boat with less power, it will take longer to reach your destination than a larger boat with more power.

  • Tips:
  • Choose a boat that’s suitable for the journey.
  • Maintain your boat regularly.

Experience of Captain and Crew:

The experience of the captain and crew is also an essential factor in determining sailing time. Experienced sailors can navigate through difficult conditions more efficiently, saving time and ensuring safety.

  • Tips:
  • Hire an experienced captain if you’re not confident in your sailing skills.
  • Ensure that everyone on board knows their roles and responsibilities.
  • Practice emergency drills before setting sail.


In conclusion, the time it takes to sail from St. Croix can vary from 5-7 hours depending on several factors like wind speed and direction, currents, boat type and size, and experience of captain and crew. It’s essential to plan ahead, check weather forecasts, choose the right boat type and size, hire an experienced captain if needed, and maintain your boat regularly to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

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