How Is the Walleye Fishing at Lake Erie?

Walleye fishing at Lake Erie is among the best in the world. The lake’s record for walleye catches is held by an angler who reeled in an astounding 29-pound, 8-ounce prize fish. This leviathan was caught on a jig and minnow combination near the Cleveland shoreline in 2014.

Anglers who visit Lake Erie have a chance to hook up with these giant walleyes, along with plenty of smaller ones. In addition to being prized by recreational anglers, walleyes are also a sought after species by commercial fishermen. The state has established regulations that limit the number of commercial catches, ensuring continued abundance and availability to anglers.

Walleye fishing on Lake Erie typically starts in early spring when the fish move into shallower waters and spawning grounds. During this time they can be caught on jigs and minnows, trolling spoons, crank baits, and other artificial lures. As the water begins to warm up in late spring and summer, live bait such as nightcrawlers become a popular choice for anglers.

Walleye fishing continues into fall and winter months as well. During these times of year, ice fishing becomes popular for those looking for a unique experience. Anglers can use tip-ups with live bait to Target walleyes under the ice.


Lake Erie offers some of the best walleye fishing opportunities in the world. Anglers can use various techniques throughout all four seasons to Target these prized fish. With careful management from state officials, there will be plenty of opportunities for successful catches for years to come.

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