How Is the Fishing on St Croix Lake?

St Croix Lake is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the Midwest. It is situated in the St Croix River Valley and is a popular spot for anglers who are looking to catch some of the best game fish in the area. The lake is home to a variety of species including largemouth bass, northern pike, walleye, muskellunge and smallmouth bass.

The lake has an abundance of both natural and artificial structures that offer great fishing opportunities for all levels of anglers. The shallow areas are great for shore fishing, while deeper water can be navigated with boats for more advanced angling.

There are several boat launches located on the lake that provide easy access to its waters.

The St Croix also has excellent water clarity, allowing anglers to spot fish from a distance and Target specific species with ease. As well as this, there are plenty of cover for fish such as weeds, rocks or sunken logs that provide prime hiding spots for prey. This makes it easier for fishermen to find concentrated areas where they can have productive days.

The lake is home to a huge variety of baitfish which makes it an ideal spot for catching gamefish such as largemouth bass and northern pike. Anglers can also find success using artificial lures such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits which can be effective when Targeting these species.

Overall, St Croix Lake provides some of the best fishing opportunities in the region and is sure to please any angler looking to get out on the water and catch some great game fish. With its abundance of natural structures and baitfish, it’s no wonder why this lake is so popular among fishermen.


In conclusion, St Croix Lake offers some of the finest fishing opportunities in the Midwest. With its clear waters, abundance of natural structures and baitfish population it’s no wonder why this lake attracts so many anglers each year looking to land their next big catch.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fisherman, there’s something for everyone at St Croix Lake; so what are you waiting for? Get out there and cast your line!

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