How Is the Fishing on Devils Lake ND?

Devils Lake, North Dakota is a popular destination for anglers. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including walleye, northern pike, white bass, yellow perch, and smallmouth bass.

The lake is known for its excellent walleye fishing. The walleye population has been increasing in the last couple of years due to the successful stocking program of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Anglers can expect to catch good numbers of walleyes with sizes ranging from 10-22 inches.

The northern pike are also plentiful in Devils Lake. The lake provides ideal habitat for these fish and they can be caught throughout the year.

Anglers should use baits such as spinnerbaits and crankbaits to Target these aggressive predators.

White Bass are another great species to Target in Devils Lake. They can be found around rocky points and humps throughout the lake and they have been known to reach sizes up to 5 pounds! Anglers should use small jigs tipped with minnows or soft plastics when Targeting white bass.

Yellow Perch are a popular species in Devils Lake and they can be found throughout the lake during summer months. These fish can reach sizes up to 12 inches and they are great fun on light tackle! Anglers should use small jigs, spinners or minnows when Targeting these tasty panfish.

Smallmouth Bass are also present in Devils Lake but they tend to be more localized compared to other species such as walleye and northern pike. Smallmouths tend to inhabit rocky areas near points or gravel bars and anglers should use crankbaits or soft plastics when Targeting them.

Overall, Devils Lake is an excellent destination for anglers looking for a variety of fish species. From walleye to smallmouth bass, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful North Dakota lake.


Devils Lake ND is an ideal destination for anglers looking for a wide variety of freshwater fish species. With its healthy populations of walleye, northern pike, white bass, yellow perch, and smallmouth bass there’s no shortage of opportunities here!

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