How Is the Fishing in Lake DuBay?

Lake DuBay is a popular fishing destination, located near Wausau, Wisconsin. Boasting a total area of nearly 8,000 acres, the lake is home to a variety of fish species, including walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, largemouth bass and panfish. Fishermen come from all over the state to take advantage of the abundant fishing opportunities that Lake DuBay has to offer.

The lake’s size and depth make it ideal for recreational and sport fishing. Its shallow waters are great for catching panfish and bass while its deeper areas offer up opportunities for walleye and northern pike. The lake’s many bays are great places to find muskellunge as well as other species.

Various types of structures in the lake provide additional habitat for fish. These include rock piles, weed beds and sunken logs.

These structures not only provide shelter for fish but also attract them. Anglers need to be aware that some of these structures may be hazardous so they should always use caution when navigating around them.

In addition to its excellent fishing opportunities, Lake DuBay also offers visitors other recreational activities such as swimming, boating and camping. With its beautiful scenery and abundance of wildlife, it’s easy to see why Lake DuBay is such a popular destination for fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


With its vast size and numerous habitats, Lake DuBay is an incredible place to go fishing. Anglers have plenty of options when it comes to catching walleye, northern pike, muskellunge, largemouth bass or panfish. It’s also an excellent spot for enjoying other outdoor activities like swimming or boating due to its scenic beauty and abundance of wildlife.

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