How Is the Fishing at Watauga Lake?

Watauga Lake is a popular destination for fisherman in the Southeast United States. It is located in east Tennessee and borders North Carolina. It is one of the few natural lakes in Tennessee, and offers many opportunities for anglers to catch a variety of fish.

Watauga Lake is home to a wide range of species of fish, including trout, bass, walleye, muskie, catfish, and crappie. There are also plenty of smallmouth bass and largemouth bass that can be found in the lake. Fisherman can also take advantage of the lake’s deep waters to try their luck at trolling for large-mouths.

The lake also offers plenty of shoreline access points for anglers who prefer to fish from shore. There are several boat launches located around the lake that provide access to deeper waters and better fishing spots. There are even areas specifically designated for fly fishing where anglers can cast their lines into the rippling water without getting their feet wet!

Fishing Regulations

Fisherman should be aware that there are certain regulations that must be followed when fishing on Watauga Lake. All anglers over sixteen years old must have a valid Tennessee or North Carolina fishing license before they can start casting their lines into the water.

There are also limits on what kind of bait and tackle can be used while fishing on the lake. Live bait is not allowed and there are strict rules on the use of artificial lures and other tackle.

Fisherman should always check with local authorities before heading out on the lake.


Watauga Lake offers excellent opportunities for fisherman to catch a variety of species in its deep waters or from its shoreline access points. With its strict regulations, it provides a safe environment for all anglers to enjoy themselves while pursuing their favorite sport. All in all, Watauga Lake is an ideal destination for anyone looking for great fishing opportunities in East Tennessee.

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