How Is the Fishing at Lake Mary?

Fishing at Lake Mary is a popular pastime for both locals and visitors in the area. With its clear waters, abundant fish, and plenty of places to cast a line, Lake Mary is an ideal spot for anglers of all skill levels. The lake is home to a variety of species, including bass, walleye, perch, sunfish, crappie and northern pike. In addition to being stocked with fish each year by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the lake also has an abundance of natural feed that draws in the fish.

The lake is located in a secluded woodland area so fishing here can be peaceful and relaxing. There are plenty of spots to choose from along the shoreline or out on the lake. Anglers can choose to fish from shore or take their boat out on the water for deeper access. Because Lake Mary is relatively shallow compared to other nearby lakes, it’s easy for anglers inexperienced with boating to navigate safely and access some great spots for fishing.

The DNR stocks Lake Mary with several species each year including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, bluegill sunfish, yellow perch and northern pike. The abundant food supply ensures that these stocked species thrive in this environment making them some of the biggest and most desirable catches around.

Seasonal Fishing

Spring brings spawning season to Lake Mary which sees an increase in activity as many species move into shallow waters where they’re easier to spot and catch. As summer approaches temperatures rise resulting in increased activity from bass as they feed heavily during this time. Fall sees cooler weather setting in which draws baitfish into shallower waters making it easier for larger predators such as pike to feed.

Fishing Regulations

Anglers must follow all state regulations when fishing at Lake Mary including size limits on certain species such as bass and pike which must be over 15 inches long before they can be kept. Anglers should also use only artificial lures or flies when fishing here since live bait is prohibited.


Lake Mary offers something for anglers of all skills levels with its abundance of fish species combined with its easy accessibility and relaxed atmosphere. Its proximity to other nearby lakes makes it an ideal spot for those looking for a peaceful day out on the water or an exciting day out chasing trophy sized catches.

How Is The Fishing At Lake Mary?

The fishing at Lake Mary is excellent due to its clear waters, abundant fish population and variety of species available throughout the year. With proper regulations followed by anglers, it provides a great opportunity for beginners as well as experienced ones looking for exciting catches!

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