How Is the Fishing at Davis Lake?

Davis Lake is an excellent place for fishing with its many different species of fish and its calm waters. The lake is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and offers a variety of fish including rainbow trout, largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill.

There are also catfish and carp that can be found in the lake. Davis Lake is easily accessible from Highway 50 and Interstate 80 as well as from many smaller roads.

The lake has both a large boat launch area for boats and canoes that are up to 20 feet long, as well as a smaller ramp for kayaks and other small vessels. There is also a nearby campground that offers tent camping, RV camping, cabins, and more. This makes Davis Lake the perfect spot to spend a weekend or even a week with family or friends.

Davis Lake boasts excellent fishing opportunities throughout the year with all kinds of different fish species for anglers to try their luck at catching. The lake has an abundance of rainbow trout during springtime which makes it a great destination for fly fishing enthusiasts. During summer months there are plenty of largemouth bass as well as some catfish and carp that can be caught when using the right bait.

When fishing at Davis Lake, anglers must abide by all state regulations regarding size limits, catch limits, gear restrictions, etc. For those unfamiliar with fishing regulations in California it is important to make sure you understand the rules before heading out on the lake. It is also important to remember that Davis Lake is part of the National Forest System so visitors need to take extra care to ensure they are not damaging any natural resources while out on the water.


All things considered, fishing at Davis Lake is an exciting experience for all skill levels. With its abundance of different species of fish and its easy access from Highway 50 and Interstate 80, it’s no wonder why this idyllic mountain lake has become one of California’s best-kept secrets when it comes to great fishing spots!

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