How Is the Fishing at Alamo Lake?

Alamo Lake is a reservoir in western Arizona near the small town of Wenden. It is located in La Paz County and is one of the premier fishing spots in the region.

The lake was created by damming the Bill Williams River and is fed by other local rivers and creeks. It has a capacity of 267,900 acre-feet, making it one of the largest reservoirs in Arizona.

Alamo Lake provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. The lake is home to largemouth bass, striped bass, crappie, sunfish, channel catfish and bullhead catfish.

In addition, there are several species of carp that can be found in Alamo Lake. The best times for fishing vary depending on the species you’re Targeting, but spring and late summer are generally considered to be prime times for all types of fish.

The lake has been stocked with fish regularly since its creation in 1968. The Arizona Game and Fish Department regularly stocks Alamo Lake with rainbow trout during the winter months as part of their “Winter Trout Stocking Program”. This stocking helps to keep the trout population healthy throughout the winter months when water temperatures can become too cold for them to survive.

For those looking to take advantage of Alamo Lake’s excellent fishing opportunities, there are several boat ramps that provide access to the lake’s various areas. There are also two marinas onsite that offer boat rentals, bait and tackle shops as well as other amenities like restrooms and snack bars.


Alamo Lake is an excellent spot for anglers looking to catch a variety of fish species. Its large size allows access to different areas while its annual stocking program helps keep its trout population healthy throughout the year. With several boat ramps and marinas providing access to its waters as well as amenities such as bait shops, it’s no wonder why Alamo Lake is such a popular destination for fishermen.

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