How Is Lake Vermillion Fishing?

Fishing on Lake Vermillion

The waters of Lake Vermillion in Northern Minnesota are popular among anglers for its abundance of walleye, northern pike, and muskie. The lake is also known for its wide array of other species, such as smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, panfish, and even some sturgeon. Fishing opportunities on the lake are plentiful and diverse with a variety of habitats that make it an ideal destination for any type of angler.

The varied terrain of the lake includes deep channels, shallow bays and weed beds full of nutrients which all provide great hiding spots for fish. In addition to being well-stocked with game fish, the lake is also home to a variety of other aquatic life such as crayfish, insects and frogs which can be a great source of food for hungry predators.

For those looking to Target larger game fish such as muskie or northern pike, trolling with crankbaits or casting spoons can be very effective techniques.

Walleye can usually be found lurking around deep weed lines or along the outside edges of deep channels in the summer months where they can be caught using jigs tipped with live bait or crankbaits. Smallmouth bass can often be found in shallow bays near structure or submerged logs where they can be caught using a variety of techniques including spinnerbaits, swimbaits and crankbaits.

Panfish such as bluegill and crappie are also abundant on Lake Vermilion and can be caught using simple baits such as worms or small jigs tipped with minnows fished around structure in shallow water during the summer months. Fly fishing enthusiasts will find plenty to love about this lake as well – floating line setups with popping bugs, streamers and nymphs will entice lots of different species into taking a bite!


Lake Vermillion is an incredibly diverse fishery which offers anglers plenty of opportunities to land trophy-sized game fish as well as smaller panfish species such as bluegill and crappie. With its abundance of habitats ranging from shallow bays to deep channels and weed beds full of nutrients, there really is something here for everyone – whether you’re a novice or experienced angler!

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