How Is Fishing on Oologah Lake?

Oologah Lake is a man-made reservoir located in Northeastern Oklahoma. It was created in the late 1960s by the Army Corps of Engineers to provide hydroelectric power and water to the region.

The lake has become a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, offering a wide variety of species.

Fishing on Oologah Lake can be both exciting and challenging. Anglers will find an abundance of largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and other freshwater species.

The lake is well-stocked with healthy populations of each species, so anglers should be able to find plenty of fish no matter what type they are looking for.

Fishing on Oologah Lake is best during the spring and summer months when the water temperatures are warmest. During this time, largemouth bass can be found near shorelines or in shallow areas such as coves or inlets where they can feed on baitfish and other aquatic insects. Catfish are more active during this period as well, often being found near submerged logs or stumps where they can hide from predators.

Anglers looking for crappie should head out to deeper waters where they can find schools of these tasty fish swimming near weed beds or structures such as bridge pilings or docks. For those who prefer trolling methods, there are plenty of larger bodies of water where they can search for walleye and striped bass.


Fishing on Oologah Lake offers something for everyone! Anglers will find an abundance of different species in this beautiful lake, so no matter what type you’re looking for you should be able to find it here! With warm water temperatures during the spring and summer months, it’s a great place to fish all year round!

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