How Is Fishing on Lake Travis?

Fishing is a popular activity on Lake Travis. It is an excellent place to fish for many species including largemouth bass, stripers, white bass, catfish and crappie.

The lake has an abundance of aquatic vegetation, which provides a great habitat for fish. The lake also has steep drop offs and deep pockets that make it a great spot for trolling for trophy-sized fish.

The lake is also full of creeks, coves and other places to cast your line. There are plenty of docks and piers along the shoreline as well as boat ramps where you can launch your boat or rent one from the marinas. There are also numerous fishing tournaments held throughout the year on Lake Travis.

For those who prefer to stay dry while fishing, there are plenty of areas along the shoreline where you can cast your line right from the bank. You can also find many areas that have been recently stocked with trout or other species of fish.

Fishing on Lake Travis is enjoyable year round. In the spring and summer months, bass fishing is great with most species being caught in good numbers. During the fall months, crappie fishing is at its peak with many anglers having success trolling or jigging around vegetation beds in the shallower parts of the lake.

For those who want to Target trophy-sized fish, trolling deep off points and drop-offs during early morning or late evening hours is recommended.

In addition to fishing from boats and from shore, there are also some areas that are open to wading such as Devil’s Cove and Starnes Island. Wading can be a great way to access areas that might otherwise be inaccessible by boat.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day out on the water or a thrilling adventure in search of trophy-sized fish, fishing on Lake Travis has something for everyone!


Fishing on Lake Travis offers something for everyone – from bank fisherman to tournament anglers – with an abundance of aquatic vegetation providing plenty of habitat for different species of fish. Trolling deep off points and drop-offs during early morning or late evening hours is recommended for those looking to Target trophy-sized fish while wading can be another great way to access areas that might not be accessible by boat.

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