How Is Fishing in Stockton Lake?

Stockton Lake, located in the southwest corner of Missouri, is an excellent fishing destination for anglers of all levels. With over 50 miles of shoreline and plenty of structure, Stockton Lake offers a variety of fish species to Target.

Crappie: Crappie is the most popular species fished in Stockton Lake. The lake’s clear waters and many brush piles make it a prime spot for crappie anglers.

In the springtime, crappie can be found in shallow water around stumps, rocks, and brush piles. During the summer months, they move to deeper water and can be caught around bridges and channel edges.

Bass: Bass fishing on Stockton Lake is also very popular. It’s home to both largemouth and smallmouth bass that are eager to take artificial lures or live bait.

In the springtime, look for bass near points or along rocky shorelines where they can ambush prey as it comes by. During the summer months, bass will move deeper into the lake near drop-offs or underwater ledges where they can find cooler waters and more cover from predators.

Catfish: Catfish is another great option at Stockton Lake, with plenty of flathead and channel catfish in its waters. Catfish usually feed at night so try fishing after dark when they are most active. Bait such as worms or nightcrawlers work well but don’t be afraid to experiment with other options such as cut bait or chicken livers.

Conclusion: Fishing at Stockton Lake is an excellent way to spend a day outdoors enjoying nature while catching some delicious fish! With its clear water and abundance of structure, Stockton Lake offers something for anglers of all levels – from novice crappie fishermen to experienced bass anglers looking for a new challenge!

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