How Far Do You Put a Sinker on a Fishing Line?

When you’re out fishing, it’s important to know how far to put a sinker on the line. The sinker is used to keep the bait at a certain depth while you wait for fish to bite.

The amount of weight you need depends on the type of water and the wind conditions. You also have to consider how deep the fish are likely to be, and whether or not they’ll be attracted by the weight of your line.

In general, it’s best to start with a light weight sinker and work your way up as needed. A light weight sinker will allow the bait to move freely in the current, making it more attractive for fish.

If you start too heavy, it can make it difficult for the bait to move naturally. You may also end up snagging weeds or other debris if you’re using too much weight.

The amount of sinker will also depend on how deep you need your bait to go. If you’re fishing in shallow waters, then a light weight sinker will do just fine. In deeper water, however, you may need a heavier sinker in order to get your bait down where the fish are located.

It can take some trial and error before you find the right amount of sinker for your conditions. The best way is simply to experiment with different weights until you find what works best for your location.


Knowing how far to put a sinker on your fishing line is an important part of successful fishing. Start out with a light weight and gradually increase as needed depending on water depth and wind conditions. Experimenting with different weights is often necessary until you find what works best for your specific location.

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