How Does a Fishing Line Spooler Work?

Fishing line spoolers are invaluable tools for fishermen and women, allowing them to quickly and easily spool their fresh line onto their reels. A fishing line spooler is basically a device that helps to keep the line from tangling and kinking up as it is wound onto a reel. It also helps to ensure that the new line is evenly distributed on the reel, making sure that the reel is loaded with an even layer of line.

The basic design of a fishing line spooler includes a base or platform, which can be made of plastic or metal, and two arms that pivot up and down. The arms are adjustable so they can accommodate different sizes of reels and different lengths of lines. The arms have clamps or clips on the ends which hold the spool of fishing line in place while it is being wound onto the reel.

To use a fishing line spooler, first you need to attach your fishing line to your reel. Then place the spool of fishing line onto one arm of the spooler, making sure it is firmly attached using either clips or clamps. Once that’s done, you’ll need to adjust the tension on both arms by turning a knob or lever located on each arm.

Once you’ve set the tension, you can start winding your fishing line onto your reel. Rotate the handle on one arm while keeping pressure on both arms with your hands until all of your fishing line has been wound onto your reel evenly. This ensures that all of your new fishing line gets evenly distributed across your reel.


Fishing Line Spoolers are essential tools for any angler looking to quickly and easily add fresh line to their reels without tangles or kinks. By clamping down on the spool of fishing lines and adjusting both arms for even tension, anglers can wind their lines evenly onto their reels, ensuring an even layer across their entire length.

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