How Do You Wrap an Ice Fishing Pole?

Wrapping an ice fishing pole is something that every angler should know how to do. This simple task can ensure that your pole stays in good condition and will last for years to come.

It’s not difficult to learn, but it requires a bit of patience and practice. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wrap an ice fishing pole.

First, you will need some materials. You will need a long piece of string or twine, some tape, scissors, and your fishing rod.

Next, begin by wrapping the twine or string around the butt of your fishing rod. Make sure the string is tight so it will hold the handle securely while wrapping. Start at the base of the handle and wrap up the entire length of the handle.

Continue with this process until you reach the top of the handle.

When you reach the top, tie off the string with a knot. Make sure it’s secure so it won’t come undone when you are fishing.

Now, use some tape to reinforce your work.

Begin by taping from one side of the handle up to the other side in a continuous loop. Make sure you get all around the circumference of the handle so that it is completely covered in tape.

Finally, cut off any excess twine or string that may be hanging out at either end of your wrapped pole. This will give your wrapped pole a clean finish and help protect against fraying or unraveling over time.

Wrapping an ice fishing pole is not difficult once you get familiar with how it’s done. Taking time to properly wrap your poles can help ensure they last for many years and provide countless hours of happy fishing!


Wrapping an ice fishing pole is easy once you understand how it’s done. Use a long piece of twine or string to wrap around your rod from its base all the way up to its top.

Securely tie off this line with a knot before reinforcing it with tape for extra security and protection against fraying over time. With proper care and maintenance, your poles should last for many years providing endless days out on the ice!

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