How Do You Wrap a Fishing Rod Guide?

Wrapping a fishing rod guide is an important part of any rod building process. It helps protect the guide from wear and tear, and it also adds strength to the overall construction. There are several different methods of wrapping a fishing rod guide, but they all involve securing thread around the guide in order to create a tight bond.

Tools Required

Before you begin wrapping a fishing rod guide, you will need several tools. These include thread, pliers, scissors, tape, and a needle. You may also need a ruler or measuring tape to ensure an even wrap.

Step 1: Prepare the Thread

The first step in wrapping a fishing rod guide is to prepare the thread. You should cut two pieces of thread that are slightly longer than the circumference of your guide. Once this is done, tie one end of each piece together so that you have one long strand.

Step 2: Begin Wrapping

With your long strand of thread, begin wrapping it around the circumference of your guide. Start at one end and work your way around until you reach the other end. Make sure that each wrap is tight but not too tight as this can damage the guide or cause unnecessary wear over time.

Step 3: Secure Threads

Once you have finished wrapping your guide, use pliers to secure both ends of the thread together tightly. This will help ensure that your wrap stays in place even when under tension from casting or reeling in fish.

Step 4: Tape

Finally, use tape to cover any exposed threads at either end of your wrap. This will help protect them from becoming frayed or damaged over time due to wear and tear while fishing or storing your rod away for extended periods.


Wrapping a fishing rod guide correctly can increase longevity and improve performance when out on the water. With just a few basic tools and some patience anyone can learn how to wrap their own guides with ease!

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