How Do You Winder a Fishing Line?

With more and more people taking to fishing as a hobby, the need to know how to winder a fishing line has become more important than ever. Whether you’re using a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel, knowing the proper way to winder your line can be the difference between success and failure on any given fishing trip.

The process of winding your line begins with prepping the line for winding. You will want to check for any weak spots or knots in the line, and make sure that it is free of debris such as sand, dirt or other foreign objects that can accumulate on the line while it is in storage. Once you have checked your line and ensured it is free of any obstructions, you are ready to begin winding.

For Spinning Reels: When using a spinning reel, you will want to lay out an even amount of line on the ground before beginning. This helps ensure that your spool does not become overfilled during the winding process.

Once you have laid out an even amount of line on the ground, start winding your spool by turning it clockwise while gently guiding the loose end of the line with your other hand. As you turn, allow some slack in order to prevent overfilling, but not too much so as not to leave any gaps in between each wrap of line.

For Baitcasting Reels: With baitcasting reels, you will want to place a few layers of thin paper towel underneath before beginning. This helps ensure that excess oil and dirt from previous uses does not accumulate onto your new spool of fishing line. Additionally, this will help keep any debris from getting tangled into loops when wound around itself.


No matter which type of reel you are using, always remember that patience is key; rushing through this process can result in poor-quality wraps or even worse – knots in your new spool of fishing line! Winding should be done slowly but firmly so as not to create gaps between each wrap which could cause weak spots in your fishing line.


Winding a fishing line properly is essential for having successful trips out on the water. Taking time and care when prepping and winding your lines ensures that they are ready for whatever challenge may come their way! With these simple tips in mind, anyone can easily master how do you winder a fishing line.

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