How Do You Use the Fishing Pole in Far Cry 5?

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Far Cry 5. With its beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere, fishing can be a calming and relaxing experience.

But how do you actually use the fishing pole in Far Cry 5? The following guide will explain how to get started, as well as provide some tips and tricks for successful fishing.

Getting Started

The first step to using your fishing pole in Far Cry 5 is to acquire one. Fishing poles can be purchased from shops or found throughout Hope County.

Once you have acquired a fishing pole, equip it in your inventory and head to a body of water. You will then need to select a bait, which can either be bought from shops or found naturally throughout the world.


Once you have selected your bait, it’s time to cast your line into the water. To do this, press and hold down the left mouse button while facing the body of water.

Move your mouse around until you find an area with visible fish swimming around, then release the left mouse button to cast your line into the water. If done correctly, you will see a bobber appear on top of the water’s surface.

Reeling In The Fish

Once you have cast your line into the water and seen a bobber appear on top of the surface, it’s time to begin reeling in the fish! To do this, press and hold down the right mouse button while looking at the bobber on top of the water’s surface.

As you keep holding down this button, you will see your rod bend if a fish has taken hold of your bait. When this happens, release the right mouse button and quickly press it again to set your hook in place! After this is done successfully, simply continue holding down the right mouse button until you hear a “plop” sound indicating that the fish has been successfully reeled in!

Tips & Tricks

Fishing can be tricky at times so here are some tips & tricks that may help make it easier:

  • Choose The Right Bait: Different types of fish respond differently to different types of bait so make sure you choose wisely!
  • Be Patient: Don’t give up too quickly; sometimes it takes awhile for a fish to take hold of your bait.
  • Use The Right Equipment: Make sure that you have all necessary gear such as rods, reels and lures before attempting any type of fishing.


Fishing is one of Far Cry 5’s most enjoyable activities. Utilizing these steps as well as tips & tricks should help make using your fishing pole easier so that everyone can have a great time out on their boats catching lots of fish!

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