How Do You Use the Fishing Pole in Don’t Starve?

Using a fishing pole is a great way to acquire food in the game Don’t Starve. This tool can be used to catch fish, frogs, and even eels, providing a much needed source of sustenance. The following guide will help players understand how to use the fishing pole and make the most out of their Don’t Starve experience.

Step 1: Acquiring the Fishing Pole

The first step to using the fishing pole is to actually acquire it. The easiest way to do this is by crafting one out of two pieces of twigs and one piece of silk. Crafting this item will require players to have already acquired Science Machine and have reached level 2 in the Science skill tree.

Step 2: Choosing a Fishing Spot

Once you have acquired your fishing pole you will need to find a suitable place to fish. The best places are usually located near water sources such as rivers or lakes, however ponds can also be found throughout the game world. Be sure to look for areas that contain schools of fish or frogs as these will provide ample opportunities for catching something.

Step 3: Catching Fish

Once you have found a good spot it’s time to start catching some fish! To do this simply equip your fishing pole and select โ€œCatch Fishโ€ from the action menu.

You will then cast your line into the water and wait for something to bite! If successful you will catch a fish, frog, or eel which can then be cooked over an open flame for sustenance.


Using the fishing pole in Don’t Starve can be an invaluable tool when it comes to acquiring food. Players must first craft their own fishing pole by acquiring two pieces of twigs and one piece of silk. Once they have their rod they can look for suitable places near water sources where they can cast their line and hopefully catch some fish or frogs which can then be cooked over an open flame for sustenance.

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