How Do You Use the Feeder Rod in Fishing Planet?

The feeder rod is a type of fishing rod that is used to fish with a method known as feeder fishing. This method is popular among anglers worldwide and has become increasingly popular in North America. The feeder rod is designed to be used with heavier lines and heavier lures than other types of rods, and it can be used in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

The feeder rod is different from other rods in that it has a longer, thicker handle and a shorter, more powerful tip. The handle allows for extra leverage when casting, while the shorter tip provides more power when setting the hook.

The line capacity of the feeder rod is also greater than that of other rods, allowing for heavier lures to be cast farther out into the water. This makes it ideal for casting into deeper waters where larger fish tend to reside.

In Fishing Planet, the feeder rod is an important tool for anglers looking to Target larger species of fish. It can be used to cast further out into deep waters where larger species tend to congregate, as well as to Target specific areas by using heavier lures or bait. It also allows anglers to use heavier lines which can help pull in larger catches with less effort.

In order to use the feeder rod in Fishing Planet, anglers must first select the proper line weight for their selected lure or bait. Once this has been determined, they can then attach their chosen lure or bait onto the end of their line and cast it out into deeper waters using their feeder rod. As they retrieve their line, they should make sure that there is enough tension on the line so that they are able to feel any bites from potential catches.


The feeder rod in Fishing Planet can be an effective tool for Targeting larger species of fish due to its increased casting distance and increased line capacity. Anglers should make sure that they select the proper line weight for their chosen lure or bait before casting out with their feeder rod, and should maintain tension on their line while retrieving it so that any bites from potential catches can be felt.

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