How Do You Use Lead Core Fishing Line?

Lead core fishing line is a special type of line designed specifically for trolling. It features a lead center surrounded by a nylon outer layer. This combination makes it incredibly strong and resistant to abrasion, allowing you to troll for bigger game fish in rougher waters than with other types of line. It is also very sensitive, allowing you to feel the slightest nibble on your bait.

The most common way to use lead core fishing line is with a downrigger setup. Downriggers are devices that allow you to attach your line and lure at different depths in the water column.

You can set the depth of the downrigger weight and then attach your lead core line. The lead core will then slowly sink, keeping your bait at the desired depth throughout your trolling run.

Lead core fishing line also can be used without downriggers by simply attaching it directly to a swivel or snap swivel and then attaching your lure or bait to the other end of the swivel. This method is much less precise than using downriggers as it relies on you being able to guess how much line you need out in order to keep your bait at the right depth. You will also need to keep an eye on where the fish are biting as you may need to adjust your depth accordingly.

In Conclusion:

Lead core fishing line is an invaluable tool for any angler looking to Target deeper water gamefish. With its combination of strength and sensitivity, it is well suited for trolling in rougher waters with downriggers or simply by attaching directly to swivels and snap swivels without them. No matter how you use it, lead core fishing line will help put more fish on the end of your line.

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