How Do You Use Fishing Line Clips?

Using fishing line clips is an essential part of every angler’s arsenal. Fishing line clips are a simple and inexpensive tool that can be used to help make sure that you have the best possible experience while out on the water. With the right line clips, you can ensure that your lure will stay in place, and your fish will stay on the hook longer.

The first step to using fishing line clips is to choose the right type for your application. Most anglers prefer to use a clip that has a swivel so that it can move freely on the line.

This will help reduce any tangles or knots in the line that could prevent you from landing a catch. There are also specialized clips designed specifically for saltwater fishing, which are more durable and less likely to corrode from exposure to saltwater.

Using Fishing Line Clips

Once you have chosen the right type of clip for your application, it is time to put them into action. To attach a clip to your line, start by looping one end of the clip around itself and then through the eyelet at the other end of the clip.

Once this is done, slide it onto your fishing line until it is securely in place. If you are using a swivel clip, make sure that it moves freely before attaching it onto your line.

When attaching lures or bait hooks to your fishing line, always use two of these clips – one at each end – so that they don’t slip off during casting or retrieving your catch. To attach bait hooks or lures, first thread them through one of the loops on each side of the clip and then pull each loop tight against itself.


Fishing line clips are an essential tool for any angler who wants to maximize their success rate while out on the water. By choosing the right type of clip for your application and attaching them properly, you can ensure that all of your lures and bait hooks stay securely in place and make sure that you get more bites from fish.

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