How Do You Use an Automatic Fishing Pole Holder?

Using an automatic fishing pole holder can make a fishing trip more enjoyable by freeing up your hands and allowing you to focus on other tasks. An automatic fishing pole holder is a device that holds your rod and reel securely in place while you wait for a bite.

This can be helpful when fishing from shore, a boat, or in any situation where you need to keep your hands free for other activities. To use an automatic fishing pole holder, you must first attach the device to your rod and reel. Then simply place the rod into the holder and it will securely hold it in place.

Attaching the Holder

The first step in using an automatic fishing pole holder is to attach it to your rod and reel. Most holders are designed to fit most types of rods, but check with the manufacturer to be sure that the holder is compatible with your equipment.

Some rod holders may require additional attachments or accessories depending on the type of rod or reel you are using. Once everything is attached properly, you’re ready to start fishing!

Positioning Your Rod

Once the holder is attached, position your rod into the holder so that it’s secure and won’t move around when a fish takes the bait. Make sure that the line isn’t tangled or twisted around any parts of the holder; this can cause tension on the line which could break if a fish takes off with it. You also want to make sure that there isn’t too much slack in the line; if there is too much slack, then you won’t feel when a fish bites.

Setting Up Your Bait

Once your rod is secured into its holder, it’s time to set up your bait. Depending on what type of bait you are using (worms, lures, etc.

), set up your bait accordingly so that it will attract fish when they come near it. Make sure that all of your hooks are sharp and free from debris so they can catch more easily when a fish strikes them.

Adjusting Your Line Tension

Finally, adjust the tension on your line so that it doesn’t get pulled too tightly by any strong currents or waves while still being sensitive enough so that you can feel when a fish takes the bait. This will help ensure that you don’t miss any bites while still keeping tension off of your line when not necessary.

Using an automatic fishing pole holder can save time and make fishing much more enjoyable by freeing up your hands for other tasks while waiting for a bite. It only takes a few simple steps to properly attach and adjust an automatic fishing pole holder: attaching the holder securely to your rod and reel, positioning it correctly within its holder, setting up bait appropriately for maximum attraction, and adjusting tension on your line for optimum sensitivity.


Using an automatic fishing pole holder is easy once you know how to do it properly! Attach it securely to your rods and reels; then position them correctly within their holders; set up appropriate bait; and adjust line tension as necessary for optimal sensitivity – these steps will allow you have an enjoyable time out on the water!

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