How Do You Use a Telescopic Fishing Pole?

A telescopic fishing pole is a device used in fishing that features an extendable pole with a line attached to it. This type of pole is much more convenient and portable than traditional poles, as the user can conveniently store and transport it without taking up too much space. The telescopic pole consists of several sections that can be extended and retracted, allowing the user to adjust the length of the pole according to their needs.

In order to use a telescopic fishing pole, the user first needs to assemble it. This involves opening up all the sections of the pole and then extending them out until they all lock into place.

Once this is done, users should attach their reel onto the handle of the pole and thread their line through it. Depending on what they are fishing for, they may need to attach a lure or bait onto the end of their line as well.

Once all these steps have been completed, users should go ahead and cast out their line into whatever body of water they are fishing in. Depending on what type of technique they are using, users may need to move around while casting or jigging their line in order to attract fish. When a fish bites onto their bait or lure, users should give them some time before reeling in their catch.


Using a telescopic fishing pole is easy and convenient for anyone looking for an efficient way to go fishing without having to worry about bulky poles taking up too much space. All one needs to do is assemble the pole, attach a reel onto it, thread their line through it, add bait or lures if needed, cast out their line into the water and wait for a bite before reeling in any catches.

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