How Do You Use a Rattle Reel for Ice Fishing?

A rattle reel is an incredibly useful tool for ice fishermen. It is used to detect fish in the water and alert the fisherman of a bite. With the right technique, an angler can maximize the effectiveness of their rattle reel and improve their chances of catching more fish.

Using a rattle reel is rather simple. First, you need to attach your line to the reel.

Next, you will want to find a spot where you think there may be some fish, as well as clear ice that is at least 6 inches thick. When you have chosen your spot, drop your line in and lower it until it reaches the bottom. Then start winding up your line, making sure the bait is just off of the bottom.

When you feel a bite on your line, use your rod tip to set the hook. You may also hear a rattling noise from your rattle reel when a fish takes hold of your bait. This noise will alert you that something has taken hold of your bait and that you should set the hook immediately.

Once you have set the hook, start reeling in the line slowly but steadily until you feel resistance from the fish. Then lift up on your rod tip while still reeling in with steady pressure. This should help tire out and eventually land whatever type of fish has taken hold of your bait.


Using a rattle reel for ice fishing can be incredibly effective if done correctly. It allows anglers to detect bites quickly and set their hooks right away before any fish can escape with their bait. With patience and practice anyone can become an expert at using a rattle reel for ice fishing!

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