How Do You Use a Fishing Spooler Line?

A fishing spooler line is an important tool for any angler. It is used to quickly and easily spool fishing line onto your fishing reel. A spooler line is a plastic or metal device that attaches to the outside of your reel and can be adjusted to fit the size of your reel. The device usually has a handle that you grip while winding the line onto your reel.

To use a fishing spooler line, start by attaching it to the outside of your reel. Make sure the handle is in an easy to reach position. Then, cut a length of fishing line that is about twice as long as your spooler line and place it around the spooler’s spindle. Once the line is in place, begin winding the handle. As you wind, the spinning motion will pull more of the fishing line onto the reel.

When you are finished winding, remove the spooler from your reel and tie a knot at one end of the line so that it stays securely in place on your reel. You may also want to secure it with a few extra wraps around it before knotting it off. After tying off, trim off any excess line and then add some additional tension by lightly pulling on either end of the line.


Using a fishing spooler line is an easy way to quickly get your favorite type of fishing lines onto your reels without having to hand-wind them all. All you need to do is attach it to your reel, place a length of fishing line around its spindle, and begin winding its handle until all of the desired amount of fishing line has been added onto your reel.

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