How Do You Use a Fishing Pole in Far Cry 5?

Fishing is a great way to relax and take a break from the chaotic world of Far Cry 5. It is also a great way to earn some money, as fish can be sold for money. To start fishing, you need a fishing pole and some bait. You can find both at any of the local shops in Far Cry 5’s Hope County. The fishing pole will cost you around $10, while the bait will cost around $5.

Once you have your fishing pole and bait, head to any body of water in the game. You’ll see a prompt appear when your character is close enough to the water. Push the prompt to begin fishing.

This will pull up your inventory screen, where you can select your bait and equip it onto your rod. Then press “Cast” and you’re ready to start fishing.

Fishing in Far Cry 5 isn’t difficult; all that’s required is patience. Try to keep an eye out for any fish that are swimming by, as they may be attracted by the bait that you have chosen. Once you spot one, press the “Hook” button and wait until you feel a tug on your line. Once that happens, press the “Reel” button to reel in your catch.

When you catch something, it will be added to your inventory automatically. From there, you can either sell it for money or keep it for yourself if you want to use it for crafting later on in the game.


Fishing in Far Cry 5 is an easy yet rewarding activity that can help provide a break from all of its action-packed gameplay. With just a simple fishing rod and some bait, anyone can become an expert fisherman with plenty of catches under their belt!

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