How Do You Turn on Ice Fishing Mode in Helix 7?

The Helix 7 is a popular sonar and GPS combo unit from Humminbird. It is a versatile tool that can be used for many different types of fishing, including ice fishing.

The Helix 7 has an Ice Fishing Mode which allows you to customize the display and functions to make ice fishing easier. It also offers a few other features that are designed to help make your ice fishing experience more successful.

To turn on the Ice Fishing Mode in your Helix 7, you must first go into the main menu. From there, select “Setup” and then “Display”.

Next, select “Ice Fishing Mode” and then “Enable”. This will activate the Ice Fishing Mode on your Helix 7.

Once you have enabled the mode, you can customize it to fit your individual needs. You can adjust the color palette of your display for maximum visibility in low light conditions, as well as adjust other settings such as sensitivity and noise rejection. You can also select from several different ice fishing views including flasher view, vertical view, and fish ID+ view.

Other features provided by Ice Fishing Mode include:

  • The ability to mark waypoints for easy return trips
  • The ability to store multiple sonar settings for various conditions
  • The ability to save up to 8 tracks of previous trips

Using these features correctly can greatly enhance your ice fishing experience with the Helix 7.

Overall, turning on Ice Fishing Mode in your Helix 7 is simple and straightforward. Once enabled, you can customize it to fit your specific needs and take advantage of all the features it has to offer. With proper use of this mode, it can help make your next ice fishing trip more successful.


How Do You Turn on Ice Fishing Mode in Helix 7?

In order to turn on the Ice Fishing Mode in your Helix 7, simply go into the main menu and select “Setup” followed by “Display”. Then select “Ice Fishing Mode” followed by “Enable” which will activate this feature on your device. You can then use all of its features such as adjusting color palette settings or marking waypoints for easy return trips.

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